Small Business Program

Business Built to Last

Course Content

Our small business program is divided into eight blocks consisting of in-person classroom and online instructions with additional course content offered in between classes.

Block 1 – Business Plan Development

Developing a business plan is crucial to all capital access, clarity for employees, and the basis for excellent execution. In this module, we will provide a template and walk through developing your own business plan.

Block 2 – Mastering Cash Flows

Understand basic accounting and bookkeeping, the software options you have, and the typical forms needed for company tax returns. You will have access to a tax and accounting expert to answer questions and guide you through the potential pitfalls

Block 3 – Demystifying Contracts and Negotiations

Do you sign contracts with vendors, suppliers, etc.? Knowing the elements of contracts and basic contract law are great to reduce the risk to your business. We have a contracts’ attorney that can guide you through the basics and answer any questions you might have relating to your specific situation

Block 4 – Human Resources Management

Hiring, Firing, and Managing People… In this Block, an HR Executive will guide you through the challenges of finding and managing the top talent that will take your business to the next level.

Block 5 – Benefits 101: Retirement and Health Care

Do you want to start saving for your retirement or need a health care plan for your business, we are here to provide you the information and access to both!

Block 6 – Accessing Capital & Building Banking Partners

A panel discussion with local banks and private equity firms interested in supporting local company businesses. 90 minutes with some of the top banks in the area

Block 7 – Marketing to Grow Your Business

This Block is dedicated to your marketing plan. Whether you have one or not, this class is for you. Put more people in touch with your business through a solid plan

Block 8 – Building a Sales Pipeline for Growth

This Block will analyze the typical sales process, how it compares to your current one, and ways to improve your pipeline for increased sales.

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