Adult Education Programs

Financial Education for Adults

At Pathway Financial Education, we offer free financial education for adults that is easily accessible. Through a hybrid teaching model offering both in-person classroom instruction and online education, we allow access to the program content at any time, from anywhere. Participants are required to complete a series of educational modules taught sequentially by subject matter experts representing some of the top businesses in the metropolitan area and beyond. Our program includes the following topics and more:

  • Working with banks and other lenders
  • Understanding income streams
  • Developing a budget
  • Understanding credit reports and scores
  • Borrowing and managing debt
  • Building a financial future through financial decisions
  • Protecting assets and identity
  • Writing an estate plan

Participants are required to demonstrate proficiency in each module before advancing to the next. This helps to establish a basis of financial literacy, financial competency and a foundation on which to build skills.

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