Curricula Details

Curricula Details

Pathway Financial Education’s curricula are easily accessible. Through a hybrid teaching model offering both in-person classroom instruction and online education, we allow access to the program content at any time, from anywhere. Participants are required to complete a series of educational modules taught sequentially by subject matter experts representing some of the top businesses in the metropolitan area and beyond. Our curricula include the following and more:

Small Businesses

Upcoming Courses

Adult Financial Education Workshop

The adult financial education workshop will begin August 13th at 10 AM. You must register online to enroll. This course will be in person at the Pathway Financial Education building on 18th and Vine.

The adult financial education workshops will consist of 3 modules. Because each subsequent module will build upon the learning of the previous one, we highly encourage participants to make sure they can attend them all.

Schedule for the Ault Financial Education Workshop is below:

  • August 13th at 10 AM – Module 1: Build Your Financial Mindset
  • August 27th at 10 AM – Module 2: Use Credit for Your Good
  • September 10th at 10 AM – Module 2: Make Your Dreams Happen

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